"Pulve. Drinkable Meals"

Pulve will save you time and energy, arguably, two of the most valuable assets. No more grocery shopping, cooking, doing the dishes or being tempted to eat unhealthy snacks. Each meal shake provides you with 500 kcal worth of nutritional nourishment. Pulve holds all the recommended nutrients your body needs per day to stay strong and fit. A satiating meal with a smooth vanilla taste!

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Prepare your meal with ease in the free delivered shaker and taste the lovely vanilla flavour. Add some milk or other fruit? Just do it!

Your benefits

You will receive the optimal ratio of nutrients in a shake based on scientific evidence provided by the EFSA and get rid of micro-nutrient deficiencies that a majority of the population suffers from. There is no need any more for grocery shopping, cooking and doing the dishes. Pulve has a shelf-life of 1 year and will not contribute to the 20% of waste the average household throws away every year. Pulve provides a solution for those who have issues with breakfast, people who are in a hurry and want to eat healthy but do not want to compromise on their diet or even athletes who are already accustomed to consuming shakes and want to get in those extra calories.

When do I drink Pulve?

So now you know the benefits of Pulve, but when to drink it? The short answer: any time you want to replace a meal for Pulve. It’s all up to you. Just mix Pulve with 400 ML of water or your favourite beverage. You can go bananas by adding some and Pulve in a blender. You can drink Pulve when you are on the go and in a hurry or right after you woke up and don’t feel like eating but you want to kick-start your day.

Blended with care in The Netherlands