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Complete Drinkable Meals

Get all the nutrition your body needs without the hassle a normal, healthy, complete meal takes to prepare.

Why drink Pulve?

You will receive the optimal ratio of nutrients in a shake based on scientific evidence provided by the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA). This will help you to get rid of micro-nutrient deficiencies that a majority of the population suffers from. With Pulve there is no (or less) need for grocery shopping, cooking and doing the dishes. Pulve has a shelf-life of 1 year and will not contribute to the 20% of waste the average household throws away every year. Pulve provides a solution for those who have issues with breakfast, people who are in a hurry and want to eat healthy but do not want to compromise on their diet or even athletes who are already accustomed to consuming shakes and want to get in those extra calories.

Pulve, Alternative On Soylent Drinkable Meal Shakes

When do you drink Pulve?

The short answer: any time you are in need for a quick and healthy meal. Just mix Pulve with 400 ML of water or your favourite beverage. You can go bananas by adding some and Pulve in a blender. You can drink Pulve when you are on the go and in a hurry or right after you woke up and want to kick-start your day in a nutritious way.

Pulve Single Meals

€40.95 €44.95

Pulve Single Meals
Pulve Single Meals Pulve Single Meals Pulve Single Meals Pulve Single Meals Pulve Single Meals

* Shakers are temporary out of stock. New orders will get shipped without shaker bottle. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

Want to give Pulve a try? You can try now with our sample pack. You will receive 4 delicious single meals with a smooth vanilla taste and a 700 ml Pulve branded shaker. Not satisfied? We have a no questions asked money back guarantee! 

What our customers say

I eat Pulve once every day or two when I don't want to cook (as I am trying to stop spending a fortune on takeaways). It tastes nice and starting to realise these are probably my healthiest meals of the week!

– Malcolm D.

Overall experience 'using' (experiencing) Pulve was simple fantastic, from the flavour to the texture and the amazing customer service on using 'Messenger' to communicate in real time with customers.

– Andrew K.

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