General Questions

I am ready to place and order, how do I pay?

How do I prepare Pulve

Is Pulve meant as a diet product?

Where does the name Pulve come from?

What is Pulve?

What is Pulve?

How does Pulve taste?

Do I eat or drink it?

How many Kcal's are in 1 Pulve meal?

Is Pulve vegan?

Where do the ingredients come from that are in Pulve?

What are GMO's ? And are those in Pulve?

What is the shelf life of Pulve?

Can I consume Pulve with my food allergies?

Does Pulve contain Lactose?

How is Pulve different from the rest?

Ingredients and Nutrition

What does Pulve consist of?

What are the sources of micronutrients in Pulve?

Can I consume nothing but Pulve?

Where is Pulve produced and packed?

Are there Malto-dextrin’s in Pulve?

Are the ingredients aspartame and or acesulfame K in Pulve

Does pulve contain lactose

Shipping & Returns

How long do I have to wait for my delivery?

What are the shipping cost fees?

Is there a return policy in place?

Do I receive a track and trace number with my order?