Kennedy march: Walk the walk if you talk the talk

Another week, another blog. I want to share a couple of thoughts on things I have been doing lately. It was a good eye opener and this is something that can be done by anyone that wants to improve his or her discipline, physical fitness and overall mind set. 

For the last 6 months I have been training for the Kennedy march. For those who do not know what a Kennedy march is, here’s the small recap.

It’s a long distance walk of 80 kilometres that should be finished within 20 hours named after the former American president John F Kennedy. The former president wrote an article for Sports illustrated in 1960 in which he warned for becoming unfit in a rapidly changing world where automation and an increase in leisure time replaced being active and exercise. He wanted to know how fit US marine officers were and challenged them to do the 80 kilometre march within 20 hours.

Fast forward to 2017, walking the Kennedy march is kind of a ‘thing’ in the walking community all over Western Europe and the US. But besides that, my gosh, John F Kennedy saw the unfitness of society coming. Now, we can discuss the benefits and existential threats of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at labium. But I will leave it for another blog.

I have been training for this march for around 6 months following a good training routine with strong mind set. I wanted to do it and I wanted it really badly. I have missed out on numerous parties, B-days and occasional shit faced nights. Sorry friends and family, it was more than worth it. I think having 10 mediocre drinking experiences does not add up to the moment when you cross that finish line. Your body is tired but your head is on cloud 9.

The real turning point is when one does not have to train anymore. Doing the march itself becomes the training. I only experienced this when I reached the moment of physical fitness were my body is able to withstand multiple Kennedy marches in a period of time.

If you’re the type of guy like me that likes physical fitness and understands the underlying training principles, I highly recommend doing an 80 Km march. (But you have to train for it!)

The basic principles that you learn while you are training, finding the right mind set and eliminating doubt can be applied to almost every aspect of your life. Whether you want to learn a new skill, break certain habits or strengthen your effective current routine.

Like coach Poliquin says: the basics are the basics and you cannot beat the basics. I firmly agree.

I think becoming unfit is something we should try to prevent. The body is made for movement and thrives when it is used. Especially when you push your limits and the body overcompensates by making it stronger. Which is basically the whole premise of almost everything.

Doing a march like this has nothing to do with how much you bench bro. Or if you got penis skin on your chiseled abs. There are also no short cuts. Unless you take the bus to the finish line if you want to be that person. It takes time, training and most of all the right mind set to do this properly. And I seriously encourage everybody to do this. You’re not going to die doing this and your future self will be proud of you.

I find it devastating to see young kids without proper guidance turning into couch potatoes with premature diabetes type 2. Yes, diet is a major key factor in this.

But I think if one has the discipline and knowledge to train well, one can make more disciplined and more informed diet decisions as well.

Talk to you next time and enjoy the ride.

Ruud - Co-Founder Pulve

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