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Release Post: Pulve 2.5

Just a small head’s up from us.

Our community is growing, we are all enjoying our work, Pulve and our services keeps getting better. And all that because of your feedback, questions, interest and enthusiasm. Thank you and keep it coming!

We want to make a couple of announcements which you might like. It is safe to say that Pulve is here to stay. During the past couple of years, a lot of total meal replacement businesses have come and go. There is a lot of competition. Obviously, since there are a couple of companies out there who understand nutrition, business, E-commerce and logistics. It isn’t easy to say the least. (Luckily)

We followed trough, kept our head down and worked on our product and service and build up a community of loyal fans all over the world. Again, thank you. We honestly do it for you.

We have been working hard behind the (nutrition) scenes to improve the product. The result, Pulve 2.5 is ready to be launched and we can’t wait to get started. But before we get into the nitty gritty of the blend, we thought we wanted to thank the community for their vote of confidence. By lowering product prices. Here’s what’s new:

Price changes

    • 18 meals - Was €44,95   Will be €40,95
    • 36 meals - Was €85.95   Will be €77,95
    • 76 meals - Was €169,95 Will be  €150,95 ( €1,99 per meal! )

We hope you like it.

Below are the changes and improvements to the blend: 


  • Changed to different whole grain oat source. The oats have a larger surface area which results in improved digestibility and a better overall emulsion.
  • Increased mono-saturated fat content to 8,7 grams per serving.
  • Improved Omega 3 and 6 ratios. Omega 3 content is 2 grams per serving and Omega 6 content is 2,5 grams per serving.
  • Improved protein and amino acid profile. Total protein content is 27 grams per serving.
    • Protein from Oats: 11,6 gram
    • Protein from Lupine: 7,2 gram
    • Protein from Peas: 8,2 gram
  • Increased fibre content with a total of 13,8 grams per serving.
    • Soluble Fibres: 7 grams
    • Insoluble: 6,8 grams


  • Increased Vitamin k content to 19,5 ug or 26% of RDA

Furthermore, the new formula has a better emulsion. The result is that Pulve does not have any more clumps. This is due to the better oat source with a larger surface area and the natural thickener called Xanthan gum. And, we tweaked the taste a little bit. Pulve is now a bit sweeter than before. 

And as you know, we still don’t use ingredients like lactose, GMO’s, soy, aspartame, aseculfame K, fluoride, dextrose and cheap maltodextrins in Pulve.

And as you know by now, Pulve will be delivered at your doorstep in a 100% bio-degradable pouch. How’s that for sustainability.

Please find the full nutrient sheet here.

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