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How to blend

How to make your favourite Pulve treat,

Every single meal provides 500 Kcal of food. You can just toss the content in the added shaker, mix it with some of your favourite milk, water or any liquid that suits your taste and you are good to go. We have divided a whole day worth of food in 4 meals. Assuming that somebody consumes 2000 Kcal on average per day. Try to figure out what your sweet spot is with regards to how much your body needs. Some people have a different metabolic rate and burn more or less than the rest of us. The bottom line is that you can replace any meal whether it is breakfast or dinner with Pulve and mix the content according to your personal preference.

The shaker, 

Once you have added your personal dosage of Pulve, you can start adding water or milk. Whichever you prefer. Try being creative and personalise your meal. 1 meal of 125 grams of Pulve can be mixed with 350 to 450 ML of water or milk. The substance will be thicker by adding less water and by adding more water it'll get thinner. Logically. You can drink your blend according to your personal preference.  You can mix your Pulve in the conveniently provided shake bottle for a quick refreshment.

The blender,

Another option, and maybe even our personal favourite next to using the shaker is mixing Pulve in a blender. You can go bananas by adding some. Or besides bananas, some of your other favourite fruits or vegetables. Customers have mentioned that they even threw in some cacao powder, or ice cream. The choice is up to you. But be aware of the extra calories that you're adding to your meal.

Bottom line,

Mixing your pulve blend is not rocket science, nor is it a rocket. Just think about it logically and listen to your body. How does your body respond after the consumption of Pulve and how you yourself feel. Food is a basic necessity in life, but we do tend to take it for granted. These days, people know the price of food, but tend to forget the value. The intrinsic characteristics of food should be the main requirements when purchasing food products. Our mission is not only to provide you with a quality product, but also inform you about food and make you conscious of what food is and what it does to your body. Lastly, Pulve is a meal replacement supplement. You can supplement certain meals, but a healthy diet always contains wholesome nutritiously dense food.

A final pulve top tip, clean your shaker or blender after usage. They will thank you for that.