Our Story

What got us started was our mission to deliver products that are produced according to the highest food safety standards, that will increase the quality of our customer’s life by health and convenience and are environmentally friendly.

Just like you. We do our best to maintain our body’s fitness by nourishing it with quality food, training and supplementation. We were fed up with some of the supplements that are available and therefore started our own brand of products that do not contain unnecessary ingredients like fillers and colourings and truly add value and convenience.

Our team has a background in agricultural, nutritional sciences and is combined with years of extensive experience in the E-commerce and logistics sector. This will manifests itself in making it possible to supply Pulve supplements wherever possible. Going mainstream key

Pulve is a hassle free, nutritious shake for on the move or when you are in need of a convenience and healthy meal that makes it easy for you to hit your daily macro and micronutrients. To put it simply: a day’s worth of nutrition, in one Pulve.

We started the company at the beginning of 2015 and we are now proudly supplying products all over the European Union and outside its borders. Pulve is blended according to the HACCP, GMP, ISO-22000 and FSSC-22000 food standards to ensure quality. All the ingredients in Pulve are derived from European based sources. Does this make the product better or superior? Not necessarily, but this way we can guarantee consisted quality.

Steven Gijsman - Co-Founder

Ruud Speyer - Co-Founder

Big and getting bigger, this is the level I am working on. I grew up with a drive to succeed! As a serial entrepreneur I run multiple companies. The one company that I still manage represents more than 100,00 e-commerce customers globally. For now I have high hopes for the future of food and health continue developing Pulve, which is a great adventure. With my experience in worldwide logistics, ecommerce IT, and a problem solver to the core I am sure we will succeed to one of the best in the MRP sector.

Naturally social, I am always happy to talk to people, whether it is about Pulve, innovation & progress or their own lives. Interested in having a chat with me? Just drop me an email on steven@pulve.com

I hold a BSc in International Food and Agribusiness and a specialisation in the field of Bio Based Economy (BBE). I am one of the co-founders of Pulve and I have started my own Bio-Based consultancy firm in sustainable product applications. In my student life, I founded my Universities speech club. I have to admit that I love to bore people by talking about the bio-based economy, Nutrition and longevity and push people to not half ass their life. I’m known for my remark that I only found complete serenity when my body was destroyed after an 80 Km Kennedy march.

Together with our team of enthusiastic people, we will be looking for the best answers and solutions that we can give to your questions and remarks. No is not an answer; neither is a crappy service.


Business Details:

Chamber of Commerce: 63414279
Tax number: NL 855225506B01

Business address:
Pulve VOF - Pulve.com
Blauwkapelseweg 81
3572 KD, Utrecht
The Netherlands 

E-mail: info@pulve.com
Tel: +31858885958 

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